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Countplus is a national aggregation network of 21 professional services practices: 
» 18 accounting/business advisory firms;
» a financial planning specialist;
» a property services group; and
» a financial planning dealer group. 

We operate out of over 41 offices in 23 towns and cities across Australia with over 600 employees.

Countplus was ranked 15th in the 2013 BRW Top 100 Accounting Firms of Australia.

Countplus was established in 2006 as a subsidiary of Count Financial (now CBA owned). Countplus listed on the ASX (code name 'CUP') on 22 December 2010. Count/CBA remains the largest single shareholder of Countplus.

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The Countplus Network comprises a team of highly qualified & trained professionals that operate in 6 states & work with individual, business & corporate clients across a range of industries.

Our Member Firms provide a range of services including:

» Accounting
» Auditing and Assurance
Business & Corporate Advisory
» Corporate Recovery & Insolvency Solutions
Financial Planning
Human Resource Solutions
» Lending Services
Taxation Services

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Countplus is seeking to partner with more quality professional services practices. This may be in the form of subscription to ChangeGPS, Countplus taking a minority equity interest in your firm or full acquisition by one of our Member Firms (more suitable for smaller practices).

Advantages of Joining Countplus:

» Your firm being effectively listed on the ASX
» A regular income stream 
» Access to the expertise of the Network 
» Access to capital to fund growth 
» Succession planning/funding options
» Incentive models to attract & retain quality
» A decentralised management model

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