Financial Planning

Financial Planning
Not all Countplus Member Firms may provide the services listed below. If they do not, they should be able to refer you to a Member that does, or alternatively you can contact for a referral.

Countplus comprises of 21 Firms, 17 of which are members of Count Financial. Count is a network made up of over 400 CPA and Chartered Accounting firms throughout Australia with over 900 qualified financial advisers.

Countplus also owns Total Financial Solutions, a financial planning dealer group with 70 advisers Australia-wide. TFS are known for their strong background in life insurance and, more recently, holistic financial planning.

The Countplus team provides a well-researched, comprehensive, professional and personalised financial planning service which involves analysing your current financial situation, reviewing your wealth protection needs, maximising your superannuation, helping you define your life goals and then developing a written tax-effective forward plan that is tailored to help you create, build and preserve your wealth without undue risk.
Our services cover the following areas:
» Wealth Creation
- Investment advice & reviews
- Asset allocation
- Managed funds
- Share trading
- Margin lending
- Term deposits
- Portfolio construction
- Superannuation
- Tax minimisation
- Salary packaging
- Self Managed Superannuation   

» Retirement Planning
- Superannuation
- Estate planning
- Centrelink entitlements
- Pension strategies
- Social security planning
- Asset and liability ownership
- Structuring trusts and companies
- Gearing strategies
» Wealth Protection 
- Life insurance
- Income protection insurance
- T.P.D. insurance
- Trauma insurance
- Business insurance 
- Estate planning 
- Debt management
- Risk management 

» Leasing and Asset Purchase 

- Home
- Business
- Investment
» Countplus Member Firms
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» Accounting
» Auditing & Assurance » Business & Corporate Advisory
» Corporate Recovery & Insolvency Solutions
» Human Resource Solutions
» Lending Services
» Taxation Services