Corporate Recovery & Insolvency Solutions

Corporate Recovery & Insolvency Solutions
Not all Countplus Member Firms may provide the services listed below. If they do not, they should be able to refer you to a Member that does, or alternatively you can contact for a referral.

Our team provide clients with expertise, experience and service in both corporate and personal insolvencies. Our professional team have an extensive background working with clients across a range of industries and we ensure that the right approach is adopted for the client and the best outcome is achieved.
Our services include:
» Corporate Administration
- Voluntary administration
- Creditors voluntary liquidation
- Members voluntary liquidation
- Official & provisional
- Liquidation 
- Receivership
- Agent for the mortgagee  
- Assistance with Family Law Court

» Personal Administration
- Bankruptcy
- Part X administration
- Debt Agreement
» Informal Procedures
- Turnaround management/workout
- Investigating accountant 
- Pre-lending / viability reviews
- Performance monitoring 
- Risk analysis 
- Business valuation
- Litigation support services/expert witness
- P
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