Joining Process

Joining Process
Joining Process 
How can you participate in Countplus:

1. For Larger Businesses - Part Sale (Minimum 30%)

Perhaps you are in need of capital to:

buy out a partner;
» buy some fees;
» take some money off the table; or
» any other worthwhile purpose.

The intention here would be that we would acquire say 30% of your business now and more of your business at a later time of your choosing. However, should that not be what you want, you would be free to sell to someone else. If the business is good enough, we could simply remain as a ‘silent’ minority shareholder. This option would require you to be a corporate and you would need to have profits of more than $1.5 million.

2. “Tuck-In” Sale for Smaller Businesses
One of our existing firms could acquire your business. There is no set size requirement for this option, however quality is always important to Countplus.
We have completed a number of these tuck-ins. These acquisitions would generally be a cash transaction, especially for retiring sole Principals. Your existing structure is not important for tuck-ins as we would generally only buy the business and not the structure.
Advantages of Joining Countplus:
» Your business being effectively listed on the ASX (CUP);
» A regular income stream (paid in the form of quarterly franked dividends);
» Access to the expertise of the wider Countplus Network, enhancing internal efficiencies;
» Access to capital to fund growth (such as tuck-ins) and working capital;
» Elimination of succession planning/funding concerns; and
» Aligned ownership and incentive models to attract and retain quality employees.
 The joining process involves:
1. The Countplus CEO and/or Chairman visiting your practice
2. Should there be agreement to enter the acquisition process, completion of an extensive preliminary due
diligence questionnaire is required
3. If Countplus decides to proceed, a non-binding term sheet will be issued for consideration
4. A qualitative review of your business by an external consultant may be required
5. Formal due diligence will then cover financial, legal and qualitative areas
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